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Centered in Minnesota off and on since 2005, Emerald Suspension produces unconventional music that includes experimental, electronic, industrial, noise, drone, and elements of musique concrete, frequently blended with other styles and non-styles, all with oddly satisfying results. Or at least satisfying the odd. 

Instruments used by Emerald Suspension include those that are recognizable as well as some that are newly created, and all are liberally infused with effects.  Vocals are sometimes included in their tracks by way of guest artists, vocal samples, and occasional voice noises from Emerald Suspension.

Music Releases

Emerald Suspension combined stock market and economic data to make experimental music on their first album, Playing the Market.  Years later, they released their second full length album, DIVINATION

A pair of standalone singles were released next, both in honor of artists who have influenced them and pioneered new paths for experimental and electronic music. 

The group also takes a hands-on approach to the creation of their music videos and other creative works.

And did we mention the new EP?