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"I hear that they have been playing around with some guitars," said nobody.  But it is true: The "non-musicians" of Emerald Suspension have been experimenting with bare bones guitars to include in a couple of tracks on a new EP, titled Eruptions, which will be available in early March. 

Of course, any guitar playing will be combined with unconventional electronics, effect processors, experimentation, noise, and general weirdness that you expect from Emerald Suspension.

"Why 'Eruptions'?"  We are glad that you might have asked.  The band recently debated about the best guitar solo in the world.  That discussion ignited a plan to create a single to be titled "Eruption".  Inspired by the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo of the same name, there is no mistaking the two. In the meantime, other tracks came together, with and without guitars.  So now the release is Eruptions, an EP with six nifty tracks - Quick hit spurts of magma for everyone!

"Aha!  So that explains the Van Halen-inspired cover art,"  said a downhill biker who stumbled upon this page by mistake.  "Anyhoo, what's the skrill pain to ship the Emerald suspension forks, compadre?"


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