A few months before the I AM A RESIDENT! project was announced, Emerald Suspension had begun working on two single releases to honor pioneers of electronic experimental music that have influenced them and countless others.  One was a cover version and video release of "Smelly Tongues" the Residents. 

When Emerald Suspension happened to learn about the Residents' call for entries for a forthcoming album, they polished up their work on "Smelly Tongues" and were able to submit their track on the first day of the I AM A RESIDENT! entry period.  Emerald Suspension shares many of the sensibilities they see in the work of the Residents and were thrilled with this happenstance and the opportunity. 

Smelly Tongues cover version by Emerald Suspension

The "Smelly Tongues" single by Emerald Suspension


The Releases...with Emerald Suspension! 

In October 2017, Emerald Suspension released their cover version of "Smelly Tongues" by the Residents, along with an accompanying music video.   By some quirk of fate, the Emerald Suspension cover of "Smelly Tongues" was later selected to be included in the I AM A RESIDENT! project!  Life was good. 

In August 2018, the Residents issued three different releases of their I AM A RESIDENT! project: 

The I AM A RESIDENT! CD.  This is the Residents' remix and mashup of cover versions of their songs.  At the beginning of track 2, "Lingering Illusions", you will find their treatment of the Emerald Suspension cover of "Smelly Tongues".  As an aside, this track is also the background music for the first 30 seconds of this video from Homer "Capt Doc" Flynn.
The I AM A RESIDENT! Double CD. Same as above, but with some cover versions as originally submitted added on the second CD.                                                                                                                                                                                 
The I AM A RESIDENT! Limited Vinyl Edition.  According to Cherry Red Records, The 2CD set "...could not harness everything The Residents hoped to include, and so the band themselves present here thirteen hand-picked, complete selections, especially chosen for this vinyl release."  Here you will find the Emerald Suspension cover version of "Smelly Tongues" as originally submitted.  Where? Side 1 / Track 1.  HOLY SHIT!!! 


In summary; Hey looky at us! 



All releases highly recommended!